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D&D Paving Company is an asphalt paving company located in Conneaut, Ohio that specializes in residential, commercial, and industrial paving projects.

D&D Paving specializes in surface services like Asphalt Surface Construction, Asphalt Maintenance, and Topography development.

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Established Quality Services
Providing established quality services to Northeast Ohio
Our experience working in the field gives us the knowledge to ensure every construction job is done properly. Driveways and parking lots all require standard maintenance in order to prolong the life of the surface. We offer sealcoating and paint striping services to residential homes and businesses. Sealcoat adds protection against the elements we face here in North East Ohio and D&D Paving uses the best material available at every job, big or small.

We offer several other asphalt services such as driveway and parking lot construction, asphalt maintenance servies such as crack filling and sealcoating, and typography construction and land grading.

We have been doing residential paving projects since we were established. Today, we still provide residential services to the entire community by continually bidding local residential areas.
Commercial projects require state and city codes implemented to guarantee proper construction. All of our commercial projects are certified and completed following these codes, ensuring high quality material and construction.
As Industrial paving experts, D&D Paving establishes highly durable lots to handle the extreme weight of industrial machines. We bid small industrial businesses to large industrial scale projects.